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Top Five Summer 2011 Designer Shoes for Women

This summer is going to be upon us quicker than we think and the best part of the warmer months is the sheer variety of footwear women can buy. We get to shed those boots that are starting to get old and slip into new designer shoes for women that fit the trends. From Sandals to sneakers and everything in between, these are the top five summer shoe trends for women.

1) The Wedge: It never seems to go out of style. The wedge is the epitome of summer. The espadrille is a classic style of wedge shoe that seem to appear whenever designer fashions are unleashed for warmer months.

2) The Flat platform or "flatform": Whether you love it or not, these shoes are blast from the past that are showing up on all the designer runways. They were often popular in the 70s, a cork platform with no arch, therefore completely flat. While more comfortable than a high heel, they aren't a look for everyone.

3) Surgical strap sandals: These sandals feature very thick straps that a reminiscent of bandages. Whether just across the front of the foot or halfway up the calf, they are always complimented with a heel of some kind, thin and stiletto or thick and chunky. You won't find this style on many flat shoes as it's not quite as flattering.

4) The "shoe sandal": These are half shoes, half sandals. Often they have open toes and even look like a regular sandal up until the ankle. Around the ankle as well as the back of the heel is often full covered in fabric so the shoe is partly enclosed. These popped up first last year but are making the rounds again this summer.

5) The Heel-less shoe: Originally just seen on the runways, these designer shoes for women are actually showing up on streets. Made famous by Lady Gaga, they are a shoe for the woman who wants to take risks and really attract attention. They are also very difficult to walk in as you must stay up on the balls of your heels at all times, so keep that in mind.

No matter what trend you decide to go with this summer, also remember that other classics will always work and be in style. The ballet flat, for instance, is a great way to wear something cooler for the hot days without baring toes if you don't want to. And the basic canvas sneaker is also a light and classic choice that will always stay in style.