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Think You Can't Afford Real Designer Accessories? Then Think Aga

Ah, the lure of the glossy high fashion magazines. They provide us with page after page of various high-end goods, all looking absolutely stunning on the beautiful super models they adorn. The advertisers provide us with the bait, urging us to buy "the best that money can buy." These wish books and their content are the stuff of dreams. The average woman can barely afford the magazine let alone the goods they peddle.

Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana, Herm?�s and Louis Vuitton are labels that prove to be too expensive on 2 fronts. The initial cost is amplified by what you really get for your money. Beyond the name recognition, some more common store brands offer as high if not better quality than these designer brands. The products with the fancy labels are not exactly durable. They have a commonality about them all. The designs are limited and produced to address the issue of mass-market appeal. While the products of the larger retailers and box stores may last longer, they also suffer from the desire to attract the most purchasers possible for their product. Their designers work as hard as the famous designers do to accomplish this.

With some accessories, the competition is fierce and the market surfeit. Silk scarves and shawls attract both the famous names of Burberry and Herm?�s as well as the traditional retail shops. Some people quickly flock to buy the latest designer scarf within days of its unveiling. Everyone wants to wear it. Some women are quick to shell out large sums of money for an "original" while others opt for a less expensive "knock-off." Yet, no matter what they pay, the value is diminished. The scarves are simply clones. They offer no individuality.

Yet, there is more to the world of silk scarves than mass-produced designer accessories and knock-offs. If you care to look through the dross, you can find the work of truly skilled artists and designers. These craftspeople work to create a line of indisputably inimitable, hand dyed silk scarves and hand painted shawls. The work they create sells for prices that are comparable or even less expensive than their clone counterpart. Generally untouted, their work is superior, their product of the highest quality and standards possible.

While it is true designer scarves and accessories may seem out of reach, the average woman can afford to purchase a high quality and elegant original. Avoid the "names." Look for 100% pure silk exclusive, hand-designed and crafted silk scarves and shawls. In these products, you will find true value for the money you spend. The time spent in the creative process, the painstaking work to move from idea to reality results in a unique item. They may not appear in the average fashion magazine, but they will make you feel like a super model or a sophisticated lady - being the finest accessory you and your money can purchase.