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Secrets To Choosing A Personal Brand

Choosing a Personal Brand may sound simple, but it can be a daunting task that holds many marketers back and wastes a lot of time. Most new Network Marketers I speak to really struggle with the concept of "building a personal brand", and many think they have nothing to offer others since they are just starting out.

They couldn't be more wrong. Everyone has something to offer, even in the very beginning. When we first started thinking of choosing a personal brand, we made some critical mistakes in our thinking that set us back.

The 3 Biggest Mistakes we made when Choosing our Personal Brand:


When choosing a personal brand, you of course want to put your best foot forward and portray yourself in the best possible light. But that doesn't mean exaggerating and, in some cases lying is in any way acceptable.

We began trying to brand ourselves as successful network marketers who were just about to fire their boss and find personal and financial freedom. But that wasn't exactly true.

Yes, we had seen a measure of success, but not consistently and, with 4 kids approaching college at about the same time, there was not way we were going to quit our jobs at that point in our lives. This small, but important inconsistency put us out of integrity with our prospects, and it showed in our results.

Once we pulled back and told the exact truth -- that we were beginners who got some good results but were still struggling to make our business strong enough to quit our jobs -- we found that we began attracting people who liked what we had to offer.


This was a hard lesson for us to learn when we were first choosing a personal brand, because it was drilled into us from our early days in traditional MLM that everyone is a prospect. But when building a brand online, you must understand that you cannot possibly relate to everyone.

Rather, the key to branding yourself online is to find that small segment of a larger population that you can help, and these turn out to be your prospects.

In the beginning, we tried to market to everyone online and we branded ourselves as such. But this was much too broad!

It wasn't until we really refined our target market that we saw better results.

The key? For us, the key was to market to those people who were JUST LIKE US! In other words, people who were struggling to build a network marketing business while working a full-time or part-time job, trying to keep a brick-and-mortar business afloat, or taking care of kids or elderly parents from home. In other words, people whose time was severely constrained.

We began teaching people the secrets we learned to leverage their time, their resources,and most importantly, to leverage OTHERS to get them to work for you. This was a big breakthrough for us and others in our situation really ate it up.

That was the beginning of a major breakthrough in our success.


Branding is a PROCESS, not a single action. Simply choosing a personal brand does not mean your business will take off right out of the gates. Rather, it takes time and effort to build that brand to a point where people begin searching you out as someone who can help them solve their problems. It takes consistent effort, reaching out, and helping others to build that following that will ultimately translate to SUCCESS and making a ton of money online.

We were impatient and couldn't understand why we weren't seeing results right away. But after some great coaching from those more experienced in the branding process, we began making consistent "deposits in the branding bank", by helping others, both individually and in groups. We didn't look at the results, we just kept trying to improve the lives of others.

That effort has now begun to pay off, but it is still a process and we continue to grow our brand and help others who are on a similar path.