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Rain Coats For Women

The strongest sign of spring is rainfall. Seeing the clouds drizzle is certainly cool, but persistent showers can be very annoying especially if you normally spend a lot of time outdoors. Instead of seeing the rains as a hassle, consider the weather as an opportunity to display your sense of style. Check your closet and create rain coat ensembles that you can show off this season. Browse through fashion magazines to find out the kind of garments and accessories that you need to add to your current collection.


If you're shopping for rain coats for work, choose among classy designs made of cotton and water-proof synthetic finish. Dress rain coats are a bit pricey so make sure that you visit several stores first before making a purchase. To exhibit your style, stick to designs with details that reflect your personality. You can choose studded coats, coats with elegant epaulets, and coats with multiple zippers and pockets. One of the most fashionable trends in the past couple of years are double breasted rain coats for women, so consider getting one if your figure is compatible with double breasted designs. Black, charcoal gray, and brown cotton toppers can work well with dress blouses, skirts, and other work staples.


If you're the type who loves rock and roll fashion, then you'll definitely appreciate synthetic rain coats in stylish leather-like finishes. In choosing a design, go for pieces that feature full zipper and button closures. Closures are critical in as much as these will allow you to conveniently regulate the warmth of your body. Choose pieces that have sizable pockets so you can have enough space for your stuffs. Since mobile phones and media players can't afford to get wet also make sure that the rain coats have at least two interior water resistant pockets. Leather-like finished rain coats for women are best for night outs and laid back days, so don't attempt to wear them in the office unless you're working in a company with lenient dress code.


If you want to exhibit a colorful and youthful vibe then make sure that you also have a cool hooded windbreaker in your wardrobe. On days when the rains are mild, throw a bright windbreaker on over your casual or sporty outfit and you'll surely feel ecstatic. A windbreaker coat in synthetic aquamarine, yellow, black, and red is the best garment after working out in the gym or playing sport with friends.