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Live to Dance

Dance has been a way for people to express emotions for many thousands of years, and also to portray activities and to worship Gods and spirits. Dances have been thought to have the power to grant success to crops and hunts and to prevent terrible storms or droughts. It is reasonable to assume that dance has been important to human being since the very beginnings, far back into pre history. Throughout the years dance has meant many things to many civilisations and cultures.

Today, dance is still of great importance to many and it is an area which is constantly accommodating new styles of music and performance. Clothing is another area in which innovation is welcomed, new fabrics and designs which can improve a dancers comfort or flexibility tend to catch on very fast. One design which has evolved recently and has taken the dance world by storm is a type of footwear - dance sneakers.

Dance sneakers are becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons, they are suitable for a number of dance styles, are hard wearing and comfortable. A number of dancers prefer to wear dance sneakers in part due to their looks. They are available in a wide range of designs and colours to suit all sorts of taste. Of course, the kind of sneaker that is chosen will depend on which sort of dance they will be used for. Dance sneakers are commonly used for jazz, hip hop and a number of traditional styles. Top dance wear designers almost all have their own range of dance sneakers, as do brands that produce a wide range of sporting sneakers and trainers. The majority of people who dance can easily see the benefits of using sneakers; they are comfortable, flexible and protect a dancer's feet well. The materials used should be breathable and mould to individual requirements to an extent, further enhancing fit and comfort.

When choosing any sort of dance shoe flooring should be taken into consideration, it is important that the shoes will provide adequate traction and grip. Many kinds of shoes specifically for dancing have patches of different materials on their soles to allow spinning and similar moves to be performed easily despite the grip the rest of the sole provides. Split soles allow for great flexibility, although today some dance shoe manufacturers say they can produce full soles that are similarly flexible.

There's always going to be a reason why a dancer chooses to wear certain styles of foot wear and other clothing. Often, dance tutors and classes specify which kinds they require. As a dancer becomes more experienced they will become more aware of which kinds of foot wear are more suited to their individual needs. One thing the majority of dancers have in common is their desire to perform to the very best of their ability, to be the best they can be. For people who love to move the gateway to that other side of life, the world of dance, will open up and can provide many years of joy to the dancer and their audience.