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Guide to Beauty Fact and Fiction Part 2

More beauty myths revealed:

Your skin will remain young looking for as long as your mother's did

While genetics are very important in determining how your skin will age there is more to consider than how your mum looked as she got older. Firstly, remember that your genetic make up comes from both mother and father so while your mother's genes will have a huge influence on your looks as you get older, your father's side will also contribute to the way that your skin ages.

Another important factor is how you look after your own skin and the kind of lifestyle you choose for yourself. Don't rely on genetics alone. Even if your mother had beautiful skin as she grew older, you need to be aware of how you care for your own skin. Smoking, drinking alcohol, too many late nights, UV rays and bad diet will have an effect on even the best skin type. Look after your skin, regardless of your genetics and don't be disheartened if you feel that genetics may not be on your side.

Cucumber is the best way to prevent bags under the eye

Possibly one of the most common images relating to skin care is that of a lady relaxing with slices of cucumber over the eye area. While cucumber will certainly help to cool your skin, and this effect can reduce the amount of fluid under the eye, the effect is only temporary and can be achieved by applying an alternative 'cooling' item to the eye. For a more effective and longer term way of reducing eye-bags be sure to get enough sleep and avoid pulling at the skin beneath the eye when applying or removing make up.

You must always follow the natural brow line when plucking

It always pays to have a professional beautician pluck or wax your eye brows but when plucking your own you may find that there are many ways to compliment your face shape and following the natural line may not be the best one. Always be careful not to over pluck your brows but if you feel that a few stray hairs above the brow line need removing then go ahead and pluck them.

All anti-aging products are a con

Anti-aging products will, of course, not prevent your skin from aging altogether. However, some of today's products can help to improve the appearance of your skin. Ingredients like SPF, antioxidants, vitamins, AHAs and peptides can help to nourish and 'resurface' your skin or to protect against pollution and sun damage.

Frequent hair cuts make your hair grow faster

Unfortunately frequent haircuts will not make your hair grow faster. The more you have it cut, the shorter it will be! However, regular cuts will give your hair a healthier appearance and prevent split ends from moving to far up the shaft of the hair.