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Greatest Rock Debut Albums

10. Dire straits (1978), Dire Straits-

Well all of the songs in this album are not so fabulous but yes songs like Sultans Of swing, Water Of Love, Down To The Waterline had been quite influential. This album has been certified Gold, Silver, Platinum and 2X Platinum in different countries. The song Sultans Of Swing has been listed in the greatest rock guitar solo's. This debut album has been 131 weeks in UK album charts.

9. Aerosmith (1973), Aerosmith-

One song that comes in my mind when i listen to this album is dream on. Definitely this song has got such a power that this album surely deserves to be in the list of top 10. Album's genre is basically hard rock but much blues-rock. Nothing much to write about the rest of the songs in this album as it was only Dream On which made their album famous. But the works done in other songs are nice. This Album was certified Gold, Platinum and 2X Platinum

8. Kill 'Em All (1983), Metallica-

This debut album which was recorded in just 2 weeks on a small budget and only 1500 copies were sold initially and there was a bit of hope left in the members of Metallica that this ablum's gonna change their fate. But it did, now its been certified 3x platinum by the RIAA. The album is highly notable for songs like Motorbreath and Pulling Teeth which has a tempo of 168bpm and 200bpm bass solo. The sales of this album is about 3 million now in the US alone. This album is now one of the first and the most influential trash Metal albums.

7. KISS (1974)- Kiss-

definitely one of the greatest debut albums ever released. It took 3 weeks during the entire process of recording and mixing of this album. The band was just a year old when they released their first album in 1974 and the work done by them in this album is really awesome. Initially the album sale was about 75000 copies without holding any hit single from it. Later in 1977 it was certified as Gold as sales exceeded to 500,000 copies. Many of the songs in this album had became their permanent songs in their shows throughout the years.

6. Black Sabbath (1970), Black Sabbath-

This album is regarded as one of the first heavy metal album. Personally i feel its one of the finest albums of Sabbath. This album was released on Friday the 13th February 1970 by Vertigo Records and it reached no. 23 on Billboard 200 and stayed for over a year. Though the album was a huge sucess but it was crticized and was considered senseless. This album Somehow considered Black Sabbath as Satanists and the members were quite upset about it.

5. The Dorrs (1967), The Doors-

Light my fire, Break on through and The End were huge hits which were featured in this album. The songs Break on through and The End were released censored on the album. It was released in January 1967. Organ work in Light my fire is heavily done. About one million albums were sold worldwide. The album had been quite controversial after it was released due to Morrison's occult lyrics.

4. Appetite For Destruction (1987), Guns N' Roses-

Well, well, well... what a kickass debut made by this band. Every song of this album is worth listening. This album definitely highlights the essence of hard rock. The album topped the american Billboard 200 and has been certified Diamond by the RIAA. Till date more than 28 million albums has been sold and still its the fastest selling debut album in history. This album included many songs of GnR as their greatest hits like "Sweet Child o' Mine", "Welcome To The Jungle", "Paradise City", "My Michelle" etc. This album was considered as one of the heaviest and greatest classic rock album of all time.

3. Ten (1991), Pearl Jam-

Initially when it was released, success was lacking but in 1992 it had reached no. 2 on billboard 200. The lyrics of this album makes it a totaly different and unique album. Vedder mainly focussed on topics like abuse, lonliness and depression. The album has been certified 13 times platinum by the RIAA. Most of the hits of Pearl Jam were from this album only like Alive, Jeremy, Even Flow and Release. In 1993 it was the 8th best selling album. Around 9.6 million copies have been sold only in US. Undoubtedly I would say its a hard rock masterpice work done by this band. Its my favourite debut album.

2. Led Zeppelin (1969), Led Zeppelin-

The first album released by the legends and yes one of the legendary and notable albums of all time. This debut album went on to gross more than ?3.5 million, just short of 20,000 times more than they invested!. During that time people were unware of heavy sounds and it was the Zeppelin's who introduced songs like Good times Bad Times and Communication Breakdown. This album is worth buying as varitey of songs are featured in it. Zeppelin really showed their skills in their first recording. By 1975, the album had grossed $7,000,000.

1. Are You Experienced? (1967), Jimi Hendrix Experience-

Definitely the best debut album till date. Not only as the best debut album but also its one of the greatest rock albums. And yes, its ranked 1 in the list of most influential guitar albums of all time. This album included Hendrix's R&B-based, Psychedelic, distortion- and feedback-laden electric guitar playing. This album has left the deepest impact than any other debut album in history. A must have album.