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ACN Co-Founders: The Story Behind Greg Provenzano, Robert Stevan

ACN was established in 1993 after four aspiring businessmen, fed up with the current network marketing industry, came together to launch a new company; a company built on shared ethics; a company that was fair. Today, ACN is still operated and managed by the four original co-founders: Greg Provenzano, Robert Stevanovski, Mike Cupiz and Tony Cupiz.

Provenzano's main role is to motivate, lead and train ACN's many distributors. Stevanovski's strong passion and determination was one of the main driving forces to the formulation of ACN. He handles many of the managerial duties. Mike Cupisz's main role in ACN is to oversee the company's expansion into foreign markets, and is heavily involved in training representatives. Mike Cupiz seems to be the most optimistic in terms of ACN's future and sees the potential demand for their products. It is this passion and belief that seems to be spurring ACN forward. Tony Cupisz's role in ACN seems to be training based. He is heavily involved in developing training programs and direct training of representatives. Tony Cupisz's role also includes managing all of ACN's marketing programs and foreseeing the overall direction of the company.

Finding out additional information about the four co-founders is proving to be a difficult task. All that can be found is slightly edited versions of the bios on the official page, much like what is written above. This makes me think, what are they hiding?

On further research, there also seems to be a fifth co-founder, J.D Sullivan, who ACN have ignored altogether. Perhaps Sullivan prefers to keep a low profile, perhaps they have all fallen out. It could be due to his retirement from ACN, and the bio page is reserved for active members.

What are ACN hiding?